Hrmforce consulting

In addition to our online assessments and HRM solutions, you can also contact us for tailor-made consulting projects and various training courses. Our experienced consultants will be happy to think along with you about your HRM issues and can help implement and optimize the HR processes within your organization


In every organization, people make decisions about people. Accepting or rejecting an applicant, allowing an existing employee to grow or not, or intervening in a (stagnant) career. These decisions affect the individual and the organization. Ultimately, personnel decisions determine how successful your organization is.

Talent Management

Applying the 80-20 principle to recruitment, it turns out that 20% of recruited candidates provide 80% of the results. More than ever, the focus of companies is on recruiting these top talents. However, the current economic conditions also make it necessary to recognize and utilize talent within the organization.

Competency Management

When implementing competency management, the vision and strategy of your organization are translated into objectives. Well-implemented competence management pays for itself more than once. It provides clarity and structure in all functions of the organization.


Your organization is changing. It grows, innovates or adapts. Not keeping up and changing means standing still. In times when technological innovation is so rapid, it even means going backwards. You choose an ambitious strategy and, as always, the realization of the strategy is the biggest challenge.


Together we formulate the training goals and the most appropriate approach. We use a wide range of interventions. The working methods we use are innovative and based on scientific research, but above all they are surprising and inspiring. For optimal learning results, we tailor our interventions to your work situation.