Key Benefits

The Advantages of HRM software

HrmForce provides so much more than bolt on HR Software, let us take you through the business benefits.

We understand that there needs to be a hard business case to invest in any kind of software, particularly something that the budget holder may perceive to be a bit…..shall we say fluffy. After all it is about HR/people so how will you convince them of a hard return on investment?

Business benefits

– Identify the candidates most likely to succeed, for example successfully selected sales candidates perform at least 4 times better than an average sales candidate
– Companies that have effective performance management processes have been proven to be 20% more profitable than those without
– Effective performance management drives employee engagement which has been proven time and again to correlate with increased productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction and much more
– HrmForce has been specifically designed to encourage year round management behaviours which is the key to both of the above

But there’s more…

It can help you retain talent – average cost of attrition of 1 person based on a salary of € 35,000; considering lost productivity; recruitment time and costs; training and induction @ € 45,000
It saves you time – average cost of HR and administrative time running and collating paper based systems for up to 100 people € 4,800
It promotes clarity & transparency – average cost for an employer to defend themselves at a tribunal (regardless of whether they win or not) €14,500
It is so much more secure than paper – fines for data protection breaches €500 up to € 500,000
It is easy to set up – within a couple of minutes online
It is really straightforward – our online setup and all our reports can be used and interpreted without any training or certification. Training and certification are available if desired
It is always available – our platform is 24/7 online with an uptime last year of 99,9%
It is completely DIY – save time by configuring HrmForce yourself including uploading your own company logo, setting up roles and standard reports for data analytics
It is scientifically sound – our development team is continuously improving and expanding our solution based on up to date scientific knowledge, statistics, data analytics, research, customer feedback and thought leadership
It is smart priced – licensing HrmForce for unlimited use is 10 -15 times cheaper and 2 – 8 times more comprehensive than competitive solutions

Want to know more?

Please contact our experts and learn how HrmForce can support your HR processes in your specific industry! Call +31(0) 88 88 321 88 or mail us at service@HrmForce.com.

More information?

Please contact one of our consultants on +31(0) 88 88 321 88 or email us at service@hrmforce.com