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Determining which standard assessments are best suited to your situation? Then look no further! At hrmforce we have an extensive assessment portfolio for measuring intelligence, personality, drives, behavior and much more to support your selection or development issue.

Why assessments

Objectivize the selection and development of applicants and employees. By using objective measuring instruments with a validated, high predictive value, you can pre-screen (large groups of) applicants to increase job success. Interview only potentially suitable candidates and save time and money. An above-average performing employee can achieve an up to 40% higher return than an average employee. By using questionnaires for development, you stimulate the growth of employees, retain talent and let the organization and results grow.


How does it work?

Within 1 hour one of our implementation specialists will set up an online portal, in the look & feel of your organization. Make use of our free competency language of 50 competencies elaborated on 4 levels (beginner, operational, tactical and strategic) and our benchmarks to test applicants and employees. With your own test manager login you can directly invite candidates. Candidates then receive an email with a link to the portal and can fill in the questionnaires directly. After the questionnaires have been completed, the results are available in the portal within 1 minute in accordance with the latest AVG guidelines. You can pay afterwards based on the actual completed questionnaires or by means of a license for unlimited use.

Featured assessments


360° Feedback

DevelopmentPerformance & Assessment

Value Drives


Lean Scan

DevelopmentPerformance & Assessment

From talent to results

As a manager of people, you always have a lot to do. Assessing new and current employees, developing employees and teams, holding performance and assessment interviews and analyzing data to determine policy and develop vision. The hrmforce talent management software helps you with every part of the HR process. Develop your employees, let your organization grow and get the maximum return. Hrmforce, from talent to results.

hrmforce works

Our satisfied customers and the 242,000 tests taken speak for themselves. Rely on our years of experience and the most complete set of assessments in the Netherlands.

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