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Hrmforce Analytics gives organizations detailed insight into talents, pitfalls and performance of employees and teams. It integrates data from multiple sources and channels into relevant, timely and actionable insights.

The power of better insight

Globalization and changing business dynamics are creating increasing challenges for HR and management. How to best develop a highly competent workforce in a cost efficient manner? Today’s challenges require more than just increased effectiveness of the HR department and HRM system. On the contrary, they require greater effectiveness through a better understanding of the factors that determine employee performance.

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Key benefits of hrmforce HR Analytics:

  • Identify the factors that determine employee productivity. Use that insight to improve the overall performance of the organization.
  • Data Analysis: When you know what is happening to your employees, the next step is to determine why it is happening.
  • Ensure the right use of your employees by matching them to demographic and job profiles.
  • Retain your employees longer and reduce turnover and recruitment costs.
  • Give HR and managers ongoing insight into talent so they can leverage and improve the capabilities and performance of the workforce.
  • Provide the ability to correlate specific characteristics of your workforce with operational measures to better relate the impact of investments in your employees to operational results.

From talent to result

As a manager of people, you always have a lot to do. Assessing new and current employees, developing employees and teams, holding performance and assessment interviews and analyzing data to determine policy and develop vision. The hrmforce talent management software helps you with every part of the HR process. Develop your employees, let your organization grow and get the maximum return. Hrmforce, from talent to results.

hrmforce works

Our satisfied customers and the 242,000 tests taken speak for themselves. Rely on our years of experience and the most complete set of assessments in the Netherlands.

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