Hrmforce is important for your HRM and business processes. Therefore, you can expect quality support for your investment. Do you still have questions about using hrmforce? Our support department will be happy to help. You can reach us at +31 88 88 321 88, from Monday to Friday during office hours from 08:30 – 18:30.

Customer Support

Your HrmForce solution is an important part of your business, and this is why you can expect quality support for your investment. In case of any questions or issues, we are ready to help immediately.

When purchasing HrmForce you automactically enter an HrmForce maintenance agreement. This maintenance contract strives to perfectly match our solution with the needs of your organisation.

The agreement covers:
– Telephone support
– Your right to keep the software when using new hardware.
– Beneficial migration new product lines.
– Notification of new software updates.
– Customer support options
– Explanation of your invoice
– Request invoice copy

Online Help

Experience the freedom of our online help. 24 hours per day you have access to support and product information. Also outside office hours of HrmForce Customer Support you can find a solution for your questions or problems online.

Support Portal
Customers who have entered into an agreement can access the HrmForce Support Portal at anytime. This web portal provides you:

– Support information.
– Help texts.
– Product updates.
– News about products.
– User guide

Product Updates

Your business never stands still. Neither does HrmForce. That’s why we continuously update our business software solutions. This allows you to keep on using your software in an optimal way. We provide regular updates for our products, several times a year.

New and improved functionalities
With an update we improve the use of your software. Current functionalities are improved and, in most cases, new ones are added.

Controlled release phase
Before an update is made available to all customers, a select group of customers works a considerable time with the update. Under our supervision. During this controlled release phase we monitor if the update meets the market’s requirements and wishes.

Product Development

At HrmForce we develop our HRM software based on the feedback of our customers. Besides that we take relevant market developments into account. To keep yourself up to date, or to give feedback yourself, you can provide us with feedback.
When developing our software we take a close look at the wishes and experiences of our customers. By doing this we can align our solutions to your needs. That is why we like to hear your suggestions and experiences. As a customer you can notify us by contacting your account manager.
In order to decide which suggestions we will use in future software solutions we have set the following criteria:
Do other customers give us the same feedback? Will other customers benefit from your suggestion? What are the current trends in the market and in the field of technology? Is it possible to process your feedback in compliance with rules and legislation?
This way we can judge on how your suggestion(s) will benefit all our customers.