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hrmforce is the fastest growing development platform for talentmanagement, with the most complete range of assessments in the Netherlands. Always unique, Scientifically based and with new assessments every month. Personal guidance, training and transparency in all steps.


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As a manager of people, you always have a lot to do. Assessing new and current employees, developing employees and teams, holding performance and assessment interviews and analyzing data to determine policy and develop vision. The hrmforce talent management software helps you with every part of the HR process. Develop your employees, let your organization grow and get the maximum return. Hrmforce, from talent to results.

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We are convinced of the quality of our assessments and HRM solutions. Would you like to discuss functionalities and explore options? Then fill in the form below. One of our consultants will contact you to discuss the functionalities and possibilities of hrmforce with you.

Way of working


Mapping the potential of your applicants and employees? We have the know-how and only need 6 fixed steps to create an optimal performance. We are convinced that these steps lead to optimal results and (job) happiness.


We always go for the maximum (growth) result. Our years of experience have taught us that a customized approach is crucial. With our scan we map out the needs of your organization. See the scan as a starting point for a journey of development and discovery.


The results of the scan provide a good picture of your organization. The results are a strong foundation for our professionals, with which they can get to work. In consultation, a plan of approach is determined. It is the prelude to growth.


Once we have carried out the scan and gained useful insights, we can put together a suitable course of action for the best results. Because we are certainly not satisfied with 'satisfactory'. Only real results are good enough for us. Custom-made is what we stand for. With the best professionals in house we are happy to make a suitable proposal.


Developing assessments is what we are good at, making a difference over and over again. Because we love it and are good at it, we keep optimizing them. On request. But also in response to developments in this rapidly changing world.


If you are on your way to optimal performance, then assessment results are the accelerators of choice. They give direction and guide you to success and results. The right potential in the right place, at the right time, within the right team. If we have results, we are guaranteed successful.


By continuing to work on growth of results and development of behavior, optimal performance and (job) happiness can be achieved. With the aid of a digital development cycle, every employee and therefore the organization will achieve guaranteed success. This is one of the reasons why we get our satisfaction and happiness from our work! And soon you will too!

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Our satisfied customers and the 242,000 tests taken speak for themselves. Rely on our years of experience and the most complete set of assessments.

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