Faster and better candidate selection.

Our assessments and recruitment solutions identify the best candidate and make selection of candidates simpler, faster and more objective.

Predict success with our scientifically validated questionnaires.

By using only job relevant questionnaires based on data analysis or best practice research, the candidate fills out only the necessary questionnaires. The purpose of the questionnaires is to be able to predict the probability of future success. Through objective analysis of the candidate, only those candidates with the greatest chance of success are referred to the next round. The reports provide input for better, substantive interviews. This creates more insight into qualities and potential pitfalls for both employer and candidate. With the help of hrmforce recruitment only the most successful candidates are hired, which leads to better results and more profit. It also saves time managing unsuitable employees.

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The hrmforce recruitment solution summarized:

  • Match results from the questionnaires with job profiles
  • Create a specific job profile by selecting relevant factors from the assessments such as the Big Fifty Personality, Drives, Leadership and Cognitive Ability
  • Indicate the desired level for each selected factor, for example 8-10
  • Generate a ranking of candidates, scores range from 100% – 0%
  • Click on a candidate to get detailed match information
  • Print your ranking, detailed candidate information and interview questions
  • Continue your recruitment process with the best matching candidates

From talent to result

As a manager of people, you always have a lot to do. Assessing new and current employees, developing employees and teams, holding performance and assessment interviews and analyzing data to determine policy and develop vision. The hrmforce talent management software helps you with every part of the HR process. Develop your employees, let your organization grow and get the maximum return. Hrmforce, from talent to results.

hrmforce works

Our satisfied customers and the 242,000 tests taken speak for themselves. Rely on our years of experience and the most complete set of assessments in the Netherlands.

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