Online assessments

Career Interest

Development, performance and evaluation

Answer the questions: Who am I? What can I do? What do I want? and advice on appropriate and less appropriate professions.

Assessment info

15 minutes

Forced choice questionnaire

Candidates themselves may search for appropriate professions and current vacancies.


This comprehensive questionnaire matches several important domains in psychometrics. Results are based on three questions: Who am I? (personality), What am I capable of? (behaviour) and What do I want? (motivation). These domains are queried through 3 different questionnaires. All results are combined into different kind of job families. Every combination corresponds with specific jobs. Our report also shows matching and non-matching job (families). The results of our Career Interest questionnaire can be used as input for our Employability solution.

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As a manager of people, you always have a lot to do. Assessing new and current employees, developing employees and teams, holding performance and assessment interviews and analyzing data to determine policy and develop vision. The hrmforce talent management software helps you with every part of the HR process. Develop your employees, let your organization grow and get the maximum return. Hrmforce, from talent to results.